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Whether you need executive protection for a single-day event or a contract for ongoing security service in Lehigh County, PA, we are here to protect you. Corporate security in Lehigh County, PA, is available with flexible contracts ranging from one day to years.

Executive Protection Pennsylvania

Security needs vary from location to location and event to event. We are committed to providing you with the level of security you require, offering unarmed and armed bodyguards for personal protection.


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Protecting People & Property

The world is a dangerous place, where concerns about safety cannot be ignored. There are too many stories on the news about shootings and attacks that make people nervous. That is why our company provides security services in Pennsylvania for businesses and individuals. Safeguard your business, as well as the key people who work for you with our armed or unarmed security officers.

Our services extend to both people and property. With executive security, the focus is on assigning our highly trained personnel to your CEO, board members, and other executives, as well as those who work with proprietary information. We can provide security in the office, in their homes, and during travel.

This also applies to other high-profile people, including politicians and celebrities. Politicians make unpopular decisions that can draw negative attention. Then, too, they’re out and about, speaking and fund-raising. In these troubled times, politicians require the protection of our security personnel. 

Celebrities, too, need at least one -- if not more -- bodyguards when they go out in public. Actors, musicians, and social media stars gather huge crowds wherever they go. To allow them to go about their business and stay safe, we can assign a guard or security details to these well-known people. 

With corporate security, property and people are the focus. Our security officers work to keep people out of authorized places, your building, or your property. That way, we protect the people, products, and equipment inside. 

Another consideration for corporate security is the protection of ideas and inventions. By keeping those who would spy, steal, damage, or harm away from your people and property, we protect your entire operation. Let us set up a consultation to discuss your individual needs and particular circumstances.

Skilled, Experienced, & Certified

Feel confident when you deal with us, you are getting well-trained and highly skilled agents. As well as undergoing extensive background checks and skills testing, our security personnel are state-certified. This means they must meet rigorous requirements about their background and experience, as well as complete a training course before receiving the necessary certification. 

Contact us today to consult with our firm about your security needs. We proudly serve clients in Allentown, Stroudsburg, Easton, Bethlehem, and Quakertown, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding area.

About Us

You should feel protected and secure at all times. Security personnel from Corporate Protective Services, LLC, are available to offer dependable protection and patrolling where you need it most, from schools and office buildings to major public events. Your sense of security should not be limited to a small area. We proudly serve clients throughout Allentown, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, although there is no limit to the distance that we travel. We go where you go.

All of our armed protective agents are required to complete our security company's advanced training course in state (PA) and federal laws. This certification, along with safety and tactical weapons training, ensures our clients are receiving the most knowledgeable and competent protective agents the industry has to offer.

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Our Armed Protective Agents Are PA. Act 235 or 120 Certified

To speak with a licensed private investigator, contact our business partner A.B.E. Investigations.


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