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About Our Armed Security Based in Lehigh County, PA

Corporate Protective Services, LLC, is a Pennsylvania-based company providing corporate and executive clients with unarmed or armed security professionals. When choosing our protective agents and security guards, clients can feel confident that we are ready to provide the utmost in protection, professionalism, and dedicated service. We have developed our business in order to provide a unique blend of security options that ensure clients feel safe, secure, and protected no matter who or where they are.

All of our agents are vigorously trained to withstand any physically or mentally challenging situation that they may encounter on their respective assignments. We keep all of our protective agents up to date with tactical weapons training and an advanced training course in order to be the most competent agency in the industry.

Our security company has more than 40 years of combined military and law enforcement experience, giving us a strong, committed view of security.


Corporate Protective Services LLC, is a Pennsylvania based security firm utilizing 40 plus years of military, law enforcement, and high profile security experience. At Corporate Protective Services, we have created a unique blend of armed and unarmed security professionals who are vigorously trained to control any potentially volatile situation they may encounter during their respective assignments. Our security company will provide you with reliable, highly skilled and thoroughly screened protective agents to provide professional investigation and security services in Pennsylvania that will exceed your highest expectations whether it is high profile executive protection or traditional property and asset protection.


At Corporate Protective Services LLC, we firmly believe in the theory that "Success Breeds Success." Therefore, In order to provide our clients with the most knowledgeable, skilled, and competent protective agents the industry has to offer, it is imperative that we employ top of the line leadership personnel. Our company training programs have been designed and endorsed by senior high ranking retired United States Government Security Agents in order to provide the highest levels of training possible to our protective agents, At Corporate Protective Services LLC, our primary goal is our client's safety and the securing of the establishments where their business is conducted as well as offering peace of mind knowing that these services are going to be carried out by reliable industry leading protective agents. Our client's respective security needs are of utmost importance.


Corporate Protective Services LLC, will only consider employing prospective agents if they meet or exceed our company criteria. This standard assures us that we are offering our clients only the very best protective agents the industry has to offer. Our company will review and conduct an extensive background check based on a detailed submitted application by prospective protective agents. Corporate Protective Services LLC, will select individual whom we believe will adhere to strict company policies as well as possess the necessary skill sets to complete our training courses in State and Federal law and our tactical weapons training programs.


All employees must have ACT 235 Certification prior to employment.

Phase 1: Interview Phase

All employees must be able to read, write, speak, and comprehend the English Language. The employee must have the ability to read, write, speak and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence, and memos. The employee must have the ability to complete detailed written reports and logs, and effectively present this information one on one or in small groups. All employees must have the ability to manage conflict and change in pressured situations while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Phase 2: Application Process

 All employees will fill out a 13 page application, consisting of harassment Policy, Diversity Mission Statement, Drug Screening Applicant Consent form, Self-Termination, and Non-Compete. Prospective employees will provide proof of Act 235, PA Driver's License, Social Security Card, and any other certifications they may possess in the past 6 months (CPR, AED, FIRST AID RESPONSE, ETC.) pertaining to the site.

Phase 3: Pre Employment Process

All employees must undergo a pre-employment PATCH criminal background investigation and must have a clean police record before beginning employment. As part of this pre-employment profile, both fingerprint identification, and child abuse clearance, drug and alcohol screening will be required. Phase 4: Site Specific Training All employees will be trained in CPR & AED, First Aid if they do not already have. Employees will be educated accordingly after doing an evaluation of the site specific procedures.

Phase 4: Site Specific Training

All employees will be trained in CPR & AED, First Aid if they do not already have. Employees will be educated accordingly after doing an evaluation of the site specific procedures.